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Adventure-proof your tech

A guide on traveling safely with your devices

By Katelyn S. Irons | Echo

The hazards for traveling with tech are immense—water, sand, humidity and the common jostles of baggage. As spring break approaches, many of us are preparing to set off for the far corners of the earth. Our travels will hopefully bring adventure to our lives we can capture with cameras, relaxing moments we can enjoy with e-readers and memories we can share with others through our smartphones. Follow these tips to keep your devices safe so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest extent.


Water in technology is a notorious problem. The obvious ways to make your smartphone or camera impervious to liquid are buying an Otterbox case or dry box. But if you don’t run into water-related problems every day, you probably don’t want to spend $40 or more.

If you need a quick fix on a trip (and aren’t planning on keeping your device underwater for an extended time), try sealing your phone or camera in a plastic bag. The plastic will still allow you to use touchscreens and prevent damage in case of accidental dunkings. Just make sure not to trust the bag under a few feet of water. Put a tissue in with your device so you can check if water is getting in.

Don’t believe us? Check out this video that compares top-of-the-line waterproofing to plastic bags.

Baggage safety

Traveling through airport security and customs can be quite a pain. Keep your laptop and devices safe and secure by keeping them with you as a carry on. Don’t even store them in an overhead storage bin—keep them on your lap or under your seat. If possible, use a lock on your device’s case to keep it from being stolen when going through security.

When you arrive at your destination, keep your devices either with you or in the hotel’s safe. Things can easily be stolen out of your room, and while thefts rarely happen, you don’t want to take that chance.

Adapt to travel

If you’re traveling outside the country, invest in a universal travel adapter that will plug into differently-shaped outlets and charge all your devices. A device like this one would be handy for the equipment that already has a converter built in. However, for devices like hair dryers or shavers, the safest route is to buy an adapter in the country you are visiting. Better safe than fried.

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