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6 pros and cons for joining an Airband

Is the risk worth the reward?

Students from Third Center Olson and Third East Wengatz put the time in for Airband.

By Victoria Lawson | Echo

The intensity of Airband is not confined to the blazing spotlights, buzzing crowd and sweat-soaked adrenaline rushes of performance night — most students are aware of the months of hard work floors and wings put in leading up to the big day. For those students either regretting not joining this year or waiting on the sidelines, wondering if Airband is for them, here are a list of pros and cons to help you in your decision.



  • The community. Airband is an excellent way to meet people from other dorms, majors and years. Airband allows people to unite under a common goal and fosters an atmosphere of teamwork in a non-academic, non-career-focused setting. Even those who consider themselves strangers to the Kesler Student Activities Center or who have never experienced dance competitions, theater choreography or cheer routines are welcome and encouraged to join Airband!
  • The creativity. Airbands are judged on several core factors, one of which is creativity and/or originality. Even if one is unable to participate in choreographing the dancing and lip synching roles, creativity is an essential factor in each performance and can be expressed in the costumes, music mix, set design and the theme itself.
  • The glory. Everyone wants to be the best, right? Those with a competitive edge might find Airband right up their alley. Airband is a culmination of three decades worth of goofy outfits, high-energy moves and wing/floor pride — if the other three reasons are not appealing, why not do it for the prestige?




  • It’s time-consuming. Some floors have more practices than others and the duration of these practices vary, but the bottom line is that joining an Airband is a time commitment. Be prepared for a lot of late-night practices and a long rehearsal night.
  • It’s challenging. Difficult experiences can be incredibly rewarding, but the added stress in an already packed college lifestyle can be overwhelming for some. Ask yourself: can you handle your class load, extracurriculars, work and other commitments on top of Airband practices? Are you willing to make sacrifices in those areas?
  • It’s performing. Some were born for the stage, some brave the stagefright and work through their apprehension for the limelight, and some want to avoid it altogether. Performing in front of the the whole school and numerous families can be scary, so if the attention is not for you, Airband might be an obvious tradition to skip.


All of these pros and cons of Airband present opportunities for change, friendship, character development, crazy stories and a sense of accomplishment whether your wing/floor wins, is not recognized, or do not make it past auditions. Do with this information what you will to help you decide, and remember: college is a time of self-discovery. Maybe becoming a circus clown, Martian, wolf or lip sync rockstar is just what you need to find yourself.

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